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Tutor Doctor Video Success Story

“We love Phil! Ethne is thrilled and excited! He just ‘got’ her, and she sensed that. After he left, she sat and did her work…a huge shift! It was like magic. This is someone who gets what her life is like. Great, great fit!”

–Parent of Ethne

“There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy’s help. We are very grateful for you and her.”

–Hilary, Parent of Torie

“I really like working with Ryan. He has helped me a lot with my school work and makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I’m working on it. I trust him a lot and he is easy to talk to. I can talk to him about things I don’t talk to other people about, and he gives me really good advice. He is very patient working with me, and is able to tell me how to do things in a way I can understand, which my teachers don’t do all the time.”

–Bryce, Student

“Chad’s new tutor, Amanda, is awesome. They both work well together. The second week she had a rule chart made up. ‘Chad’s Rules’—the 4th rule was to smile. I thought that was so cute. He likes the new attention and route. Just want to let you know. Thanks so much for your support.”

–Dorie, Parent of Chad

“Since Tutor Doctor hired a tutor for my 8th grade son, he has been eager to learn. He looks forward to having a one-on-one session to help him with his comprehension and a better understanding of his homework. I see that my son has much more self esteem and his attitude is much improved because his grades are much improved. Overall, I love that he is getting the kind of help he needs to get through the difficulties of learning.”

–Laila, Mother of Daniel

“We are very happy with our decision to use Tutor Doctor. Roxanne is friendly, the service we have received has been excellent and our tutor, Carrie, is great and very accommodating. Our daughter is more confident with her studies and her grades are improving. I appreciate the flexibility of our package and it is a huge relief to not have to drive, as they come to our house! I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor.”

–Sandra, Parent of Carrie

Just thought I would report to you, in case Ricky doesn’t, that he earned a ‘A’ in psychology. He is signed up for 1 online class this summer and 3 for this fall. He was really proud of his work! Including a very nice email from him professor that accompanied his grade posting.

I am also wondering whether you might be able to help him with a couple of other things when you start meeting with him again. He needs to arrange for 3 or 4 credits that he completed at Woodbury University in California to be transferred to Front Range. He also begins to figure out how to move towards fulfilling basic core curriculum requirements that he will need if he transferred eventually to CU or someplace else. He will need to meet with an advisor at Front Range but I don’t think he is ready for that. Thanks!

Lynn, Parent of Ricky

Hi John, Daniel has known the result of his final exam for Physics, he got 86! He made great progress, compared with 63 he had previously. He also said he felt good with his ACT test on Saturday, it may take a few months to know the final score. We really appreciate the work of you and the tutors! We will contact with you again when the fall semester starts. Thanks much,

Chi and Jin

The school has ended for Ryann Rice and he has passed all his subjects; this implies NO summer school for Ryann. I would like to send my thanks and congratulations to Matt, the tutor who turned out to be a ‘glove-fit’ for Ryann. This was very important for Ryann’s learning style and hence, the tutor match was excellent. Matt always was here on time, he understood Ryann well and spent time with us whenever necessary. We appreciate Matt. Thank you all.

Fil, Father of Ryann

Yes you did…a great match for Boe. Boe loves Matt already. They worked diligently together for an hour and a half getting Boe up to speed. He is retaking a math test today so I will see how much he has improved already, he is very confident. Thank you so much!

Heather, Parent of Boe

Thank you for this tutor. She has been wonderful and Mariea’s grade is almost a B. at semester she had a high D.

Bonnie, Parent of Mariea

Thank you so much Diane. Sammer is back to getting high marks in math, and I think it’s because he is finally learning HOW to study from you. Up until 7th grade he never had to work to understand the material, he had a natural aptitude for it. Then when he found he had to work for high marks, he did not know how to study since he never had to work for it before. I was afraid he was losing the confidence he had in math when he was younger, but I feel like it could be coming back with the last couple of grades he has earned in math. Those scores have moved him from a C to a B, and possibly sparked his ambition to shoot for an A, and take geometry next year instead of retaking the class in 9th grade!

Raja, Parent of Sammer

Hi Adam and John, Juliette got a 110% on the final after the curve. She ended up with a B for her semester grade. Thank you so much and see you in the new year.

Betty, Parent of Juliette

Thank you Adam! Juliette felt very relaxed during your session and is confident that the two of you working together will improve her understanding and abilities in physics. Hey, physics is fun, right? Thanks,

Betty K, Parent of Juliette

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