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Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.
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SAT® Prep Tutoring

Serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Golden, Arvada, Westminster and surrounding areas

97% of our SAT® Success students increase their scores!

Our SAT® prep program breaks material down into manageable pieces. We share proven tips, tricks, and strategies, and provide numerous opportunities to work with the type of questions and materials students will see on SAT® test day. Our instructors encourage students, reinforce strategies, and create a better understanding of how to be successful on the SAT®.

Raise Your SAT® Score with our SAT® Prep Program

Tutor Doctor’s one-to-one SAT® prep program helps students stay on target to reach their full potential. We work with students to:

  • Map the development of knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, reading, science and writing.
  • Analyze their progress to identify areas of strength and areas that need more attention.
  • Help determine next steps and build the skills needed to score higher on test day and maintain peak performance.

If your student plans on taking the SAT®, give them the best chance to score well by hiring an experienced tutor. Tutor Doctor has 15+ years’ experience helping students just like your teen get into the college of their dreams. We provide coaching and skill development customized to your teen’s needs and personality. Find the best tutor by scheduling a free assessment with us today!

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A Smarter Way to Study

  • Our system analyzes your student’s initial full-length SAT® subject test and tells us exactly which concepts to review in order to maximize your student’s score.

Online Support for Students

  • Our blended-learning system delivers instant online support. Every problem on every lesson and quiz has its own detailed video solution. That’s more than 67 hours of video solutions!

More Efficient Tutoring Sessions

  • Because assignments are graded and analyzed prior to the start of each tutoring session, we never waste time grading homework during a session. The result is a 20% improvement in tutoring efficiency!

ACT / SAT Test Prep Consultation

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Make Learning Personal with SAT® prep

Custom Online Quizzes

  • Our tutors create online quizzes that are 100% custom tailored to the needs of your student. Every question on on every quiz has been selected from our database of more than 2500 questions.

Real Results on Real Tests

  • While other companies inflate their results by using tests they wrote, we don’t play any of those games. Our system delivers industry-leading score improvements on real College Board SAT® tests.

Progress Reports – in Your Inbox

  • We offer a number of email alerts to help you keep track of your student’s progress. Sign up for weekly progress reports and we’ll keep you in the loop, so you’ll know exactly how your student is doing in the course.

The History & Structure of the SAT®

The SAT® was first developed in 1901 and was called the Scholastic Achievement Test. However, in the last century, the official name of the test became SAT® and the abbreviation was dropped. It was originally a way to measure intelligence and reasoning ability on an objective level. It eventually became a way for students to demonstrate college readiness and became a major part of the applications process.

Today, the SAT® is composed of three scored sections:

  • Critical reading
  • Math
  • Writing

Each section is split into three portions (plus a bonus unscored section), so the test-taker will switch between content areas frequently during the test. Each section has a possible score of 800, with a total possible score of 2400. The average score is 1500, but it has been lowering recently.

Call now to book your FREE SAT® ASSESSMENT

To ensure student success, more parents are turning to SAT® prep tutoring to give their teens a stronger position in the admissions process.

At Tutor Doctor, our tutors are not only professional, skilled, and experienced—we are personal and friendly. Test-taking skills are built through effective coaching and the right relationship between tutor and student. Our free, comprehensive assessments take your teen’s personality into account. As a result, we can pair your student with the best possible tutor for them, reinforcing their ability to learn and succeed. With Tutor Doctor, higher education is more than just a dream.

Get into the college of your dreams with SAT® Prep tutoring!

Not sure which test is right for you?

Tutor Doctor provides FREE ACT vs SAT® diagnostic exams to determine which test would best be appropriate for your student’s success. Getting into college is competitive, therefore, we will make sure your student is taking the test that best maximizes their potential to do well, score high, and get admitted into the college of their dreams.

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