Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.

Tutor Doctor Boulder

Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.
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University & College Tutors in Boulder, CO

Our college tutors offer support in a wide range of subjects.

Image of a student wearing thinking caps for college, university, and adult learningCollege tutors aren’t just for the students coming right out of high school. Some of the most challenging coursework comes at an older age. That’s why Tutor Doctor offers top-notch tutoring services geared towards college students and adult learning.

Whether you’re a college-age individual looking to brush up in a certain course, or you’re a bit older and have returned to the academic world, Tutor Doctor can help. We have a roster of tutors with a wide range of skills who can offer support in almost any subject.

Don’t wait! If you think you can benefit from tutoring in your college-level or adult learning courses, call Tutor Doctor today.

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“I like that Tutor Doctor paired me up with a great tutor that fits my schedule! She is very organized always comes prepaid with new material.”

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Build Strong Foundation
Improve Study Skills
Prepare for Exams

Language Tutoring

Better Comprehension
Expand Vocabulary
Communication Skills

Science Tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring
Physics Tutoring
Biology Tutoring

Test Preparation

Personalized Tutoring
ACT / SAT & More
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