Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.

Tutor Doctor Boulder

Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.
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The Tutor Doctor Difference

No one can deny the success of Tutor Doctor’s one-on-one, in-home tutoring model.

Here is the Tutor Doctor difference:

Learning centers often cause stress, facilitate peer pressure, and lead to embarrassment.

Not so with Tutor Doctor!

  • Students progress at their own pace, free from peer pressure and embarrassment
  • Students become relaxed and confident when intimidation and fear of failure are removed
  • Students have professional tutoring services in the comfort and privacy of their own home

Traditional center-based tutoring companies dictate scheduling.

With Tutor Doctor:

  • We offer families scheduling flexibility
  • We can arrange lesson times to fit into the hectic family schedule
  • Parents no longer waste time driving to and from or waiting for their children at learning centers

Traditional tutoring centers provide very little individualization using a set curriculum in addition to the student’s existing homework.

At Tutor Doctor:

  • One-on-one instruction provides time to review homework and remastery of educational skills
  • This method of learning has proven to be the best way to help children behind in their studies
  • Our tutors help students discover their learning styles and teach methods to help them catch up

Traditional tutoring centers generally have no contact with classroom teachers.

While at Tutor Doctor:

  • Your tutor will work with your student’s teacher to create a tutoring program for your student
  • Each program is custom designed to meet specific needs and interests
  • Each program addresses missed academic skills, current expectations, and future requirements

By working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers, Tutor Doctor tutors provide the best supplemental, personalized instruction along with the motivation and confidence needed to help students succeed.

Tutor Doctor services all grade levels, from Kindergarten to College. We also work with adult learners, contact us today!

“The tutor comes to our home and is completely flexible and ready to help my son with whatever he needs. His grades, performance and self-esteem have all increased since she started coming to our home.”

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