Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.

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Proudly serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding areas.
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About Tutor Doctor

About 15 years ago, we had a simple idea and a desire to make a difference. We wondered why parents had to adjust their family’s busy schedules and drive half way across town just to put their child in another classroom with more kids…when in fact it was the classroom experience that their child was struggling with in the first place.

We Wondered:

What if a tutor could come directly to the child’s home to deliver tutoring services instead of fragmenting a family’s precious time together by forcing parents to act as “taxi drivers”?

What if there was flexibility in the tutor’s schedule so that tutoring time slots could be scheduled to accommodate for a family’s busy schedule?

What if a struggling child could get one-on-one attention instead of being limited to the “one-to-many” teaching models used by most extra-curricular learning centers?

What if a tutor could develop a personalized program by working with the child’s existing homework and school curriculum instead of loading more standard textbook work on an already overwhelmed child?

What if average families could get access to top tutoring resources sometimes reserved only for wealthier families?

Lessons Learned:

Tutor Doctor has been helping students for over 15 years. We give students the gift of education, self confidence and self-esteem—powerful tools that enable them to live their lives by choice and not by chance.

We believe that everyone can learn, so we utilize a proven building block learning process and provide customized solutions to suit each student’s individual needs. And we do it in the privacy of their home. We believe that learning should not be a chore- but something that is fun.

Our passion comes from the heart and our own personal experiences. We have seen the positive, dynamic results of one-on-one learning, and we have a strong desire to benefit students of all ages, families, and our community. At Tutor Doctor, we diagnose the problem and prescribe the solution!

All Subjects and Grade Levels Including: MATH, SCIENCE, SAT®/ACT

Learn in the Comfort of Home:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Focus on individual student
  • Help available for special needs

Get Better Grades:

  • Free consultation for goal setting
  • Personality assessment for tutor matching
  • Regular reporting to families

You can contact us at (303) 963-9946 or email us using the contact form.

“Our tutor, Peter has been great working with our daughter. He is flexible with scheduling and when we need additional time he can usually accommodate us.”

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